Mastering Woodworking Machines

Mark Duginske’s DVD offers a master’s insights into machine woodworking and some honest shortcuts that will help you in your journey with basic power tools and how to achieve zero-frustration, complete control woodworking with machines.You will learn how to ‘read’ lumber to avoid stock-preparation problems.The DVD will show you how to fine-tune the table saw, band saw, drill press & radial-arm saw.Instructions on making mortise-and-tenon joints on the drill press.How to saw beautifully fitting dovetails on the table saw.How to make a 50-cent device that ensures accuracy to within 0.002 inches.

Precision Pen Point Needle Oiler with Amber Machine Oil for Precise Lubrication from Commando

Precisely place oil where needed with high quality oil Made in USA >> SUGGESTED USES: Protecting and lubricating fishing reels, guns, hunting & fishing equipment, office equipment, quality control equipment, measuring equipment, home appliances, auto parts and recreational equipment. Keep one in tackel box, backpack, car, camper, tool box, kitchen drawer, office drawer, or gift.

CarveWright N01 Woodworking System

The CarveWright computerized woodworking system makes even complex woodworking projects easy. Simple 3-step process lets user design project with included design software, then upload project to included memory card, then put memory card in machine.

I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects – Updated and Expanded

Updated and Expanded!

Beginning woodworkers are constantly stymied by the apparent need for thousands of pounds worth of tools to start their hobby. Once they have the tool, they face a learning curve to understand how to use the tool. The next problem is finding wood to build the projects. Not everyone has a lumberyard nearby.

This book shows you how to build quality furniture projects that can be completed by any woodworker with a modest (but decent) kit of tools in less than two days of shop time, and using raw materials that are available at any home center. The enclosed tool manual explains all the tools and shows you how to perform the basic operations in a step-by-step format.

IRWIN Tools Machine Screw with Fractional Tap and Die Set, 12-Piece (24605)

12-piece Machine Screw/Fractional Tap & Hex Die Set in plastic case includes: Machine Screw Plug Tap and 5/8″ Hexagon Dies in sizes: 6 – 32 NC, 8 – 32 NC, 10 – 24 NC, 10 – 32 NF, 12 – 24 NC. Fractional Plug Tap and 5/8 ” Hexagon Dies in sizes: 1/4″ – 20 NC. Threading Tools: Plain Die Stock – 5/8″ Hexagon Dies, T-Handle Wrench – Taps No. 0 to 1/4″.