Persian and European ceremony combined in Villa Pizzo

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Wedding dream places chosen with taste and elegance to celebrate and celebrate your wedding day.
A complete photographic story of the wedding that tells the paths followed by the couple for their wedding day in Italy, the magical Lake Como.

Worldwide there are engaged couples who choose to get married on Lake Como; here we are at Villa Pizzo. I love to travel from my Sicily throughout Italy, and throughout the world there are exceptional and unique wedding events!

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Woodworking: One Day Woodworking Mastery: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Woodworking in Under 1 Day! (Crafts Hobbies) ((Arts & Crafts Home Wood Projects))

Discover How to Make Beautiful Wood Furniture & Structures in Just One Day with This Easy to Use Guide

This book includes a detailed description of the tools you need, the woods available, as well as how to plan and construct your project.

For thousands of years, wood has been one of the most used materials in building many items, from furniture, to vehicles, to buildings. Even with the emergence of new materials like metal and plastics, wood has been the “go to” material for construction given it’s availability and ease of use.

There are so many advantages to learning this art form. First, it will give you plenty of useful practical skills to use around the house. With wood being one of the most common materials used for anything from furniture to building materials, knowing how to work with wood will be a great money saver. This is especially the case when it comes to repairs, where hiring a professional carpenter or repairman to do the work can set you back hundreds of dollars.

Woodworking can also be a great hobby to spend your spare time on, especially if you are of the creative type who loves tinkering around with and making DIY projects. As is with the above reason, this can also be cost effective to you since you are the one to make your own furniture and other wooden items. Plus, you can craft pieces that are uniquely yours, which will help make your place stand out.

Finally, woodworking can be a great income generator, either with you being an employee in a woodworking shop or starting your own business. There are many opportunities when it comes to this, which you will learn more about later in this chapter.

Making furniture is one of the most satisfying – and oldest – art forms around. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that goes beyond a mere compliment on what you’re skills; it also acknowledges your creative side as well. Designing, picking the wood and the craftwork necessary to put it all together is so fulfilling on many personal and professional levels.

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Woodworking: 21 Great Woodworking Project. Three-Week Challenge To Make Your Own Wood Furniture!: (Household Hacks, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts,Wood Pallet … recycled crafts, recycle reuse renew)

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Woodworking (FREE Bonus Included):

21 Great Woodworking Project. Three-Week Challenge To Make Your Own Wood Furniture!

There is a lot of appeal in handmade items. You may have noticed when you are out shopping, as soon as something is in the handmade category, it is immediately a lot more desired as well as a lot more expensive.

Or perhaps you are a person that likes to make things your own. You can see what others have made, and you may appreciate it, but when it comes to what you want, then you need to do it yourself.

There is a lot of advantage to making your own furniture, or anything else. When you are able to make something yourself, you are able to make it your own. It can meet your specifications, it can fit where you want it to fit, and it can be entirely custom.

Even if you are following a pattern, you are going to find that you can still make things your own. You can modify and change, enhance and customize. All of these things are going to work together to make it all your own.

This book is going to guide you in your journey to making your own furniture. Inside you are going to find the directions to making 21 different pieces that are all going to enhance and beautify your home.

You don’t have to be a skilled woodworker to be able to make these projects, and you are only going to need the most basic tools. These are all easy to make with patterns that are simple to follow, including:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Stands
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Cubbies, and more!

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Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

The Kreg Jig Jr. (R3) is an amazing repair jig and an exceptionally handy addition to any tool collection. Whether you’re crawling under a table to make a quick repair or taking Kreg Joinery on the road, the Jr.’s compact design lets you work where you need to most, and it gives you what you need to start building wood joints that will last the life of your creation.

The Kreg Jig® Jr. offers:

  • A compact design that lets you work wherever you need
  • Easy-press positioning sliders with 9 settings
  • 2-Hole Drill Guide with Hardened Steel Core and Lifetime Warranty
  • Convenient design can be used with any standard bar clamp or a c-clamp

Miter joints for picture frames can be completed quickly, since the positioning legs move independently of one another. View larger.

The Kreg Jig Jr. is built to work with any style of clamp and adjusts easily for different material thicknesses. View larger.

Adjusting the Kreg Jig Jr. for different applications is quick and easy. View larger.

Kreg Joinery: No Glue or Complicated Math Required
The Kreg Jig Jr. takes advantage of a technique called Kreg Joinery. Unlike other techniques, Kreg Joinery requires no glue, no complicated math, and no small army of clamps to make wood joints that will last.

With Kreg Joinery, you can finish projects in hours instead of days. You won’t spend any time clamping, waiting for glue to dry, or wading through complicated math. It essentially involves drilling a hole at an angle into one workpiece, and connecting it to another workpiece with a self-tapping screw.

Amazingly Strong with Half the Effort
Unlike mortise and tenons, dowels, and biscuits, the self-tapping screws inside of every Kreg Joint hold the stock together without glue. You don’t have to worry about precisely lining up dowel holes, or spending hours cutting a perfect mortise and tenon–you simply drill the holes, drive the screws, and move on to the next project.

And because what you see is what you get with Kreg Joinery, you won’t spend all your time calculating stock-overlaps and dry-fitting individual workpieces. All you need is simple math to get fast and accurate results.

Kreg Jig Jr: The Perfect Home-Repair Tool
The Kreg Jig Jr. is an amazing repair jig with a compact design that lets you work where you need to most. Thanks to its Clamp Pad Adapter, the Jr. can be secured to the workpiece with any standard bar clamp or c-clamp. In addition, the adapter allows the jig to be attached directly to any Kreg Face Clamp (sold separately) for faster and more repeatable pocket-holes.

From thin drawer boxes and craft projects to stout 2×4’s, this jig can handle them all. Independent Easy-Press positioning sliders feature nine separate depth settings, allowing you to easily join materials from 1/2-inch to 1-1/2-inches thick in 1/8-inch increments. And to set the jig properly, you simply depress the button on the side of the jig and move the sliders so your material thickness is aligned with the arrow on the jig body. It couldn’t be any easier.

The Kreg Jig Jr. includes a compact, durable plastic carrying case that will ensure that you always have the tool, drill bit, and screws on hand to complete your next project. As a bonus, the case features a molded depth collar gauge for a handy reference.

In addition to the Kreg Jig Jr. (model R3), Kreg offers DIYers and anyone new to Kreg joinery the Kreg Jig (model K4). For serious wood workers, Kreg offers the Kreg Jig Master System (model K3MS), the ultimate kit for Kreg Joinery.

The Kreg Difference
While each Kreg Jig has its own features designed to meet the particular needs of its users, all Kreg Jigs share a design and high-quality construction which add up to the “Kreg Difference.”

Kit includes everything you need to get started.

Each Kreg Jig features hardened steel drill guides that carry a 100-percent lifetime guarantee. The body of each Kreg Jig is made from a heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon that offers the resiliency and flexibility you need without sacrificing strength and durability.

To create a cleaner pocket-hole and a more finished appearance, all Kreg Jigs shroud the bit and support the workpiece through 100-percent of the drill-stroke. The end result is minimal bit deflection, reduced tear-out, and a clean, pluggable Pocket-Hole fit for finished work.

Every Kreg Jig also features an optimized 15 degree drilling angle designed to increase driving efficiency and minimize the overall size of the Pocket-Hole. This same Pocket-Hole can be created by the Kreg Jig in materials from 1/2- to 1-1/2 inches thick.

The Kreg Jig Jr. includes a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on its Hardened Steel Drill Guide.

What’s in the Box
Kreg Jig Jr., clamp pad adapter, stepped drill bit, 6 driver bit, depth collar, allen wrench, starter screw set, and durable carrying case.

Diy Furniture: 12 Simple Woodcraft DIY Ideas to Build a Beautiful Outdoor Furniture (DIY projects, woodcraft, outdoor furniture)

These DIY furniture ventures showcases how you can make basic bits of style with next to zero expense. Not just do love seats and tables serve to unite a room outwardly, however they also give commonsense approaches to mortgage holders to unwind, and these DIY exercises will give some awesome tips on the best way to embellish your home with sly and recyclable systems.

From stools that amusingly look like building square toys to sofas that are innovatively produced using old suitcases, these DIY furniture activities permit people to make utilization of materials they in all likelihood as of now have. If you’re convenient with a tool set and need to spare a buck or two when it goes to your furniture, then these DIY tasks will without a doubt point you in the right bearing.

With this book You will learn how to make:

  • Easy DIY outdoor bench
  • Simple outdoor dining table
  • Adirondack chair
  • Tree bench
  • Outdoor Bar Cart
  • The Perfect Picnic Table

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WOODWORKING for Beginners: The Ultimate Woodworking Guide and Projects for Beginners!

Learn the Best Woodworking Techniques Today!

As a person who just got recently interested in woodworking, you need to gain a lowdown on this hobby, so you can fully immerse yourself on what this activity is all about. Woodworking is a craft that asks but a few things from its pursuers:

Firstly, one needs creativity. Everyone is born with this trait, but a woodworker must develop a real desire to create using wood in order to fully appreciate this craft.

Secondly, craftsmen require patience and care to ensure the quality of their craft. This observance to properness produces woodwork of fine quality and helps develop and improve skill.

Lastly, the craftsman’s tools. A woodworker would be lost without his most basic kit, which usually consists of his handsaw, pocket-knife and oil stone to sharpen his blades. A small assortment of wood scraps set aside to supplement whatever project you are making will also come in handy. However, this is not the complete set of basic tools a woodworker has to have, but the set that he absolutely must have in any situation.

In “The Ultimate Woodworking Guide and Projects for Beginners!” you will learn everything every beginner needs to know, from setting up a workshop, scrutinizing wood, the basic safety rules of woodworking, and putting your knowledge into practice.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Start with the Basics
  • Your Materials and Tools
  • Getting to Know Woodworking
  • Simple Patterns to Try
  • Sample Beginner Projects
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Much, much more!

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DIY Projects: 30 Eye-Catching Furniture Wood Pallet Projects To Make Your Home Look Cozy But Modern: (Household Hacks, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts,Wood Pallet … recycled crafts, recycle reuse renew)

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DIY Projects: (FREE Bonus Included)

30 Eye-Catching Furniture Wood Pallet Projects To Make Your Home Look Cozy But Modern

In this book you will be given 30 eye-catching pieces of furniture ideas that you can make out of wooden pallets that will add a wonderful cozy modern look to your home. Think of the money that you can save by making some pieces of your home furnishings yourself out of wooden pallets. They will not only save you tons of money but they will be simple and easy to make while the end result will look like a cool piece of modern furniture that will gain the admiration of others. You can enjoy this hobby of furniture building and then get to enjoy the pieces that you make by decorating your home with them. If you are a person that likes the idea of refurbishing items, then making pieces of furniture out of wooden pallets will be right up your alley. Just think of how proud and good you will feel in knowing that you built a piece of furniture with your own two hands out of refurbished material!

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PlyDesign: 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood (and other sheet goods)

Make sleek and functional home furnishings from inexpensive plywood and other off-the-shelf materials using only basic hand and power tools. This unique building guide offers 73 innovative ideas for using plywood to make everything from desks and workstations to children’s playhouses. Projects for every need and skill level are presented with clear assembly diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and photos of the finished product. Discover the simplistic beauty plywood can bring to your next project and take pride in making your own handmade furniture.