DIY – Master Bedroom Remodel

by 5 days
I have 8′ tall ceilings. I place the top board at 12″ below the ceilings and the second shelf at 40″ below that (just measure the length your shirts sit below the top shelf). For the long garments, I allowed for a 14″ tall cubbie above the garments which provides about 68″ for garments. Shelf supports are 3.5″ wide. I try to get as wide as boards as possible. These were about 11″. Using a table saw, i cut them based off the most narrow board. The top shelf is 1/8″ wider then the vertical supports and the lower horizontal shelf is 1/8″ less than the vertical. I think the offset looks better. I got closet rods and supports from Home Depot [] [] They are very very solid. The rods do not sag at all. You could probably do pull ups on these. As for the backer supports i predrill and countersink the screw holes to align with where the studs are. If there are no studs to screw into, i’ll use these drywall anchors. Also, I used stainless steel deck screws. [] ( (
All Done! Notice i did not put any lighting above where the bed lies.
Master bedroom needed some love. The room was awkwardly long and we desperately needed more closet space. Walled in the closet, scraped popcorn, replaced the crown moulding, swapped the Pergo laminate flooring for some carpet with nice padding, replaced the doors! See here for the master bath update with the deep soaking tub and steam generator addition!