Amazing DIY Wood Pallets Projects BOX SET 3 IN 1: 50+ Outstanding Upcycling Ideas For Your Modern Home!: (Wood Pallet, DIY projects, DIY household hacks, DIY projects for your home and everyday life)

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    Amazing DIY Wood Pallets Projects BOX SET 3 IN 1: 50+ Outstanding Upcycling Ideas For Your Modern Home!

    BOOK #1: DIY Wood Pallet Projects 15+ Simple & Cheap But Genius Ideas to Decorate Your Space

    Have you been browsing Pinterest and seeing tons of ideas for reclaiming old shipping pallets? Have you seen the massive stacks of unused wood stacked neatly behind a retail store, and thought, “I could really use that for my _______________ project!” only to see a tractor trailer pull up, and haul them away? Have you decided to take on more than you can financially handle in the home improvement arena? If you answered any “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.

    Sure, you may know that pallets are a wasted resource when it comes to home decorating, but how do you know which ones are safe to use? How do you safely use them? Find out in the pages of this ebook!

    BOOK #2:DIY Projects: 20+ Genius Wood Pallet Projects with Surprising Functionality!

    This book will offer you over twenty genius DIY ideas on how you can use wooden pallets in and around yourself in wonderful functional ways. When thinking about a wooden pallet it is nothing spectacular, but the amazing thing is you can make them into useful eye catching objects with next to no or very little effort on your part. You can expand your creative ideas by turning regular wooden pallets into pieces of furniture that is not going to put a major dent in your bank account with little to no financial investment needed.

    You will get some great ideas and suggestions in this book on how to make use of wooden pallets to help enhance your home. If you are someone that is a true believer in refurbishing items rather than jamming up the overflowing dumps then this is the book for you! Think of this book as a tool to help you to release those inner ideas you have or help to expand on them in how to make use of the pile of wooden pallets you have lying in your garage!

    BOOK #3: DIY Wood Pallets Project Modern Up-cycling Idea’s For Your Home and Garden

    This book is for anyone that can see promise in what others cast to the side. They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure; this is very true if you have the right intuition and drive to create.

    The pallet is a common material of the industrial age. They are used all around the world to carry freight of all kinds. These durable and sturdy wooden containers are thrown around all over the place carrying cargo of all kinds. Pallets are used by all kinds of companies and corporations for all kinds of stuff.

    The source of the pallet is wide and varied and so it happens what you can up-cycle one into is of a wide variety as well. Pallets have such a life of their own, with their rustic look and feel that they are completely original and stylish pieces of work before you even begin shaping and constructing them.

    If you have the imagination and passion to take common every day objects like pallets and turn them into everything from furniture to fine art then this book is for you!

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