Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts and more


Crafting with Wood Pallets offers readers innovative new projects for transforming wood pallets into all types of beautiful, useful items for the home and garden. Packed with color photos and easy-to-follow instructions for over 25 DIY projects, this book shows how to build, paint, and finish unique gifts, decor, and furniture, including:

• Cute jewelry organizer
• Rustic coffee table
• Chic wine bar
• Family chalkboard
• Inspiring word art
• Handy step stool

The Workbench: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench

In this fresh and contemporary look at the world of workbenches, Lon Schleining takes us on a guided tour of a wide variety of classic, modern, and specialty benches and offers hundreds of options for choosing or building that perfect bench and its accessories. The Workbench looks at the classic subject with a focus on helping readers find the right bench and accessories for their needs. The object is to guide the reader through making critical choices, including whether to buy it or build it. Even long-time woodworkers dream of the perfect bench and the time to build it, and for them the real enjoyment is in the planning. With 279 color photos and additional illustrations, this book provides in-depth information along with the inspiration to fulfill workshop dreams.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects: 23 Amazing Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique And Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture! (DIY Household Hacks, DIY Projects, Woodworking)

DIY Wood Pallet Projects

23 Amazing Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique And Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture!

Many people are looking for alternative ways to create furniture and many other items which are used daily. There is an increased need to use environmentally friendly solutions to any issue and reuse the resources which are already at your disposal.

This has led to an increase in the number of people using pallets to create the furniture they need in their house and garden. In fact some people are even building sheds and other outbuildings from them!

A quick glance through the internet will inspire you but may also leave you feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the prospect of creating your own furniture. Done properly, with care and attention to detail, these items can look better than a shop bought product! They are also unique and can be personalized while being made to ensure they perfectly fit your needs.

This book is all you need to give you a good understanding of what is needed to create your own pallet furniture, how to source the pallets and even the tools required.

The book also shows you twenty three furniture suggestions and how to create them. Once you have read this, there will be no reason not to create your own beautiful, unique pieces of furniture!

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Furniture You Can Build: Projects that Hone Your Skills series (Getting Started in Woodworking)

The first volume in this series “Getting Started in Woodworking: Skill Building Projects that Teach the Basics” proved that a book specifically designed to address the needs of beginning woodworkers has broad appeal. The second and third books in the series focus on shop development, while this fourth book continues the use of projects as a means to learn and practice skills. Studies have shown that beginners need two things to continue their interest in woodworking: early success and increasing confidence. This book, like its predecessors is designed to do exactly that: give the reader projects they’ll be proud to own and the means to accomplish them successfully. The projects range from a computer cart (to store a CPU) to small trestle table and a bed. All of them have been chosen for maximum impact and doability for a novice. Making the simple desk which might retail at $1600 for less than 1/8 of the cost provides strong incentive to attempt construction. And this book provides all the instruction, support, and tips to help any serious beginner achieve their goal.
Projects Included
Desk Organizer
Blanket Box
Storage Bench
Breakfast Table
Sofa table
Simple bed

Diy Furniture: 12 Simple Woodcraft DIY Ideas to Build a Beautiful Outdoor Furniture (DIY projects, woodcraft, outdoor furniture)

These DIY furniture ventures showcases how you can make basic bits of style with next to zero expense. Not just do love seats and tables serve to unite a room outwardly, however they also give commonsense approaches to mortgage holders to unwind, and these DIY exercises will give some awesome tips on the best way to embellish your home with sly and recyclable systems.

From stools that amusingly look like building square toys to sofas that are innovatively produced using old suitcases, these DIY furniture activities permit people to make utilization of materials they in all likelihood as of now have. If you’re convenient with a tool set and need to spare a buck or two when it goes to your furniture, then these DIY tasks will without a doubt point you in the right bearing.

With this book You will learn how to make:

  • Easy DIY outdoor bench
  • Simple outdoor dining table
  • Adirondack chair
  • Tree bench
  • Outdoor Bar Cart
  • The Perfect Picnic Table

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Acu-Arc Arts Crafts Drawing Tools Accessories 36″ Adjustable Curve

Made of incredibly flexible, shape-holding butyrate plastic that can be finger-shaped to any curve for extremely accurate drawings. One edge is flat to surface for pencil, and the other side has a bead for ruling pen. Still manufactured by hand, these curves have been used by architects, engineers, chiropractors, designers, draftsmen, artists, woodworkers, metal workers, surveyors, carpet installers, and law enforcement for 45 years.

Walnut Hollow Unfinished Wood Serving Tray, DIY Home Décor Accent Piece, 10-inch x 12-Inch

A great DIY accent for any home, this arts & crafts unfinished tray can be decorated in many styles. Let your creative imagine flow and use your favorite arts, craft or hobby technique and materials to create a uniquely “You” decorative tray. Some of the ways this tray has been decorated include as paint, stain, woodburn, carve, stamp, decoupage, stickers, stencils, fabrics, quilt blocks or mosaic. The sides are solid Pine with a Baltic Birch bottom. This piece is designed for home decor but may be used for light weight work in the home. For added strength run a bead of superglue along the inside seam. The tray is a generous 2.87-inch by 10-inches by 12-inches (73mm x 254mm x 305mm). Proudly Made in America.

DIY Furniture Revamping And Loving It: 40 Quick Ways To Give Your Old Furniture A Creative New Look (DIY Furniture Makeover, Furniture Design, DIY Household Ideas, DIY Techniques)

20+ Free Bonus Books Included!

Discover 40 Quick Ways To Give Your Old Furniture A Creative New Look!

Does your current furniture make your home look old and shabby? You don’t want to get rid of your furniture, but you also don’t want it to make your home look like you haven’t updated it for years.

Do you realize that you really don’t have to replace all of your furniture to get a new and fresh look? By revamping your furniture, you will give it a new and fresh look at the fraction of the cost of replacing it!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to turn your old furniture into fresh and inspiring pieces that will compliment your home.

In this book “DIY Furniture Revamping and Loving It,” you will learn 40 quick ways to give your furniture a new and fresh look at the fraction of the cost of replacing it!

So, look around your home and pick out a few pieces of furniture that can use a fresh breath of life, and let’s find ways to make it feel like new!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • When Your Old Furniture Makes Your Home Look Shabby
  • Giving Upholstered Furniture a New Look
  • How to Refresh Wood Furniture
  • Repurposing Furniture in Your Home or Purchased at a Thrift Store
  • How to Give Your Furniture a New Feel
  • Redecorating Without Losing Your Furniture
  • Other Ideas to Refresh Your Home
  • Much, much more!

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