Cheap and Functional DIY Box Set (6 in 1): Creative, Budget-Friendly Quick and Easy DIY Prepper Projects, Household Hacks, Decorating Ideas and Outdoor Designs (DIY Projects & Household Hacks)

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    Cheap and Functional DIY Box Set (6 in 1)

    Book One: Functional DIY Projects for Your Home: 13 Creative Do It Yourself Home Projects & 44 Hacks to Simplify Your Everyday Life

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • How To Turn a Rusty Rake Into Useful Kitchen Storage

    • How To Turn Old Doors Into Cool Corner Shelves

    • How To Create Easy Metal Grate Mail Organizers

    • How To Make A Rolling Toy Storage For Kids From Crates

    • How To Turn A Sink Drainer Into File Storage

    • How To Create A Simple Tension Rod Storage Solution

    • How to Build a Bookshelf With Two Ladders and Planks of Wood

    • 44 Hacks For The Home

    • 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

    • And Much More

    Book Two: Functional DIY Projects for Your Home: 13 Creative Do It Yourself Home Projects & 44 Hacks to Simplify Your Everyday Life

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • Water and Food Supply Prep

    • Emergency Medicine Prep

    • DIY Energy Independence Projects

    • Extreme Weather Prep

    Book Three: DIY Household Hacks: Over 50 Cheap, Quick and Easy Home Decorating, Cleaning, Organizing Ideas and Projects Plus More!

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • The reasons why you should go “DIY” instead of buying decorations, accents and even cleaning aids.

    • Over 50 household hacks which can solve your issues with organization, decoration and budget.

    • Hacks and projects that will make anyone feel confident to do things on their own.

    • How to create more bonding moments with your kids, friends, loved ones and other family members.

    • And so much more

    Book Four: Upcycling Projects for Kids: Simple and Fun DIY Projects to Teach Your Kids to Upcycle, Reuse and Repurpose

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • How to make an octopus and a caterpillar from an old sock

    • Turn your old jeans into a funky bag

    • How to make your own bunting

    • How to use an egg carton to make animal puppets

    • How to make your own dolls house

    • How to make pencil and crayon tidies

    • Make your own lanterns

    • How to make a bird feeder

    • And Much More

    Book Five: Wood Pallet for Beginners: Simple, Fun and Cool DIY Projects for Interior and Outdoor Design

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • Lampstands

    • TV stands

    • End tables

    • Bar stools for inside your house

    • On the outside of your home, there are instructions on how to create a walkway, a deck, a potting table and an outdoor chair.

    Book Six: DIY Projects for Bedrooms: Beautiful, Fun and Simple Bedroom Design Ideas and DIY Projects for You and Your Family

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • Fireplace Mantel Headboard

    • Book Headboard

    • Shims Headboard

    • Swirling Rope Rug

    • DIY Chevron Rug

    • Welcome Mat Block Print Rug

    • DIY Drum Shade

    • Basket Pendant Light

    • String Pendant Light

    • His & Hers Pillows

    • T-Shirt Pillow

    • Rose Pillow from Old Skirt

    • Princess Canopy

    • Yarn-Wrapped Letter

    • Jewelry Holder

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