DIY Decorating on a Budget: 19 Thrifty, Frugal & Inexpensive Ideas for the Interior Design of Your Dream Home! (NOW WITH IMAGES) (DIY Budget-Friendly Household Hacks)

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    Do you often walk into a store and find something you desire for your decorating needs, only to find out it’s far beyond your current budget?

    Are you someone who likes to reuse items in order to keep from throwing them out?

    Do you like custom made decorations in other’s homes, but you don’t know if you have the skill and know-how to do them?

    Don’t worry! You’ve found a book chock full of DIY decorating ideas and tips that will help you create your dream home with personal touches. People will wonder just how much money you spent on these amazing decorations, and you can stand proud when you tell them you did it all on your own. Not only are you savvy when it comes to decorating and style, but you’ll be budget smart, too!

    In this book, you’ll find the following DIY decorating tutorials with step-by-step instructions:

    • How to Make an Old Sofa Look New

    • DIY Vintage Copper Ladder for Storage

    • DIY Gilded Coasters

    • Gold-leaf Your Furniture

    • Faux Fireplace Log Façade

    • Repaint Your Tired Backsplash

    • Make Custom Roman Blinds

    • Reupholster Chairs

    • Geode Bottle Stoppers

    • Paint Tired Wooden Chairs

    • DIY Dyed Candles

    • Sunburst Mirror

    • Create Wall Vases

    • DIY Tufted Headboard

    • Turquoise Beaded Chandelier

    • Picture Frame Headboard

    • Create a Pallet Daybed

    • Wax Paper Chandelier

    • Sculptured Shelf Unit

    If you’d like to make your home custom and turn it into your dream home, then take a look at this book and see what you can make!

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