iGaging Marking and Striking Knife

Product Features

  • Hardened HSS Steel
  • 1.5" Double-Edged Blade
  • 5" Hardwood Handle
  • Excellent Quality, Well-Designed
  • Reliable and Dependable
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Product Description

Every woodworker should have a striking or marking knife, and this one is an exceptional value. A striking knife puts down layout lines that are about 1/10th as wide as a sharp pencil line – when you need to “cut to the line”, a sharper line produces more accurate parts.
Unlike knives designed for cutting, a striking/marking knife blade is flat on one side and only beveled on the opposite face. The flat back is drawn across the end of a board or along the blade of a square to perfectly mark its edge on a piece of wood. This is a huge time saver in situations where you need to cut a part to length to match something else – trimming a piece of molding or edge trim to match the width of a cabinet, for example.
The 1.5″ steel blade is long enough to reach past wood 1-3/8″ thick, and because the blade is beveled on each edge with the point in the middle, this one knife suits either left- or right-handed users and can be used to mark from either direction. The hardwood handle is 5″ long and is shaped to allow for a variety of different grips while working. Packaged in a protective plastic film.

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