Iglobalbuy Mini Multipurpose Machine 6 In 1 Kit Wood Soft Metal Woodworking DIY Tool Lathe

Product Features

  • The kit can be assembled into 6 kinds of different machine tools.
  • Built-in overheat protection to assure the safe operation of the device.
  • Processing materials include wood, plastic, aluminum, copper and other soft metal.
  • Special Design of the Saw Blade guarantees the safety in use, protect your skin from injury.
  • Brand New, item ship from US, estimate receiving time 2-6 business days.
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Product Description

Jig-Saw Machine


With special design, safety do not hurt the hand, even if saw his skin, also will only cause slight vibration, not hurt . motor blades and gear are make by metal structure.

Can be a straight line, curve arbitrarily cutting.

The color of the machine is composed of red and black classical collocation.

Transformer have over-current, over-voltage, overheating protection.


Motor Speed: 20,000rpm

Power: DC12V/2A/24W

Table Size: 90x90mm

Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, ABS

Maximum Cutting Thickness: Hardwood- 4mm Plywood- 7mm Softwood- 18mm Aluminum Sheeting- 0.5mm Plexi-Glass- 2mm


Fix the machine on the board or other table. Shot off the power when not use.

Wear protect goggles when operating the machine.

keep its surface clean and dry, maintain the machine and lubricate the motive parts in time.

Total weight: about 4.8KG

Package includes:

1x 6 in 1 Mini Multipurpose Machine

1x Instruction Book

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