Wedding at Matorca, Bucerías Nayarit in México

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Martoca Beach Garden is a beautiful secluded beach and garden, surrounded by amazing large palm trees. It is a great venue for a non-resort private Puerto Vallarta beach wedding and a fantastic scenery for a photographer like me.

A lot of souvenirs were created that day: from Emanuel’s tears to his father’s ones, or the strong hugs that Cara shared with her new family, a lot of feelings were expressed. It is said that men should not cry, but how nice it is to see a man mourn for love in his statement. Seeing that every word transcends someone is not an easy thing to witness, and taking photos of those tears made me feel like I wanted to part aside and respect the emotion in a so intimate moment. But as a photographer, I had to shut down my emotions, let them get to me and have them get me closer to the core of the person I had to photograph.

The climate conditions were almost perfect as it usually is in November in Banderas Bay and we had the chance to have a cloudless evening that allowed me to play with the reflections on the pool during sunset. Another detail that will let me a special memory is Cara’s twin. It is not common to have a wedding with twins, and I must confess it is a lot of fun. It was a real pleasure to work for Cara & Emmanuel, an exceptional and very loving couple. Our best wishes at the start of their life together!

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