Woodworking: Crash Course – The Ultimate Beginner’s Course to Learning Woodworking In Under 12 Hours – Including Basic Skills & Detailed Images

Are You Ready to Learn Woodworking FASTER Than You Ever Thought Possible?

Welcome to the Ultimate Crash Course on Woodworking!

With Tons of Detailed Pictures Inside!

Are you ready to discover one of the most amazing crafts of all times? Are you ready to enjoy one of the most healthy, funny and cheapest hobbies of the world? Would you like to surprise your family, relatives and even a loved one with a hand-made gift? If you answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’, then this crash course on woodworking is definitely for you.

Maybe you are an amateur just getting started, or perhaps you already know a few things about this amazing craft and you’d like to reach the next level. Don’t worry, this course will approach woodworking from both starting points. The idea is to get all the necessary skills to learn woodworking in under 12 hours. Yes!, 12 hours. You will learn from the ABCS of woodworking (the necessary supplies that you need, safety rules, setting up your workshop, and much more) to advance techniques that can help you to make your own projects.

Want to hear the best part? You will find tons of pictures. REAL pictures inside this book. Pictures that will help you to advance, compare and learn. Also you will find exercises and tasks to improve your skills. You will understand that woodworking is extremely simple! This book will help you and the most important thing is that you will enjoy learning this beautiful craft. You will be able to craft things we can be proud of!

The idea is very simple. You will learn woodworking from zero to hero. We will go from the root to the top of this amazing craft. And in the end you will have a special bonus! So let’s go for it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Welcome to Your New Favorite Hobby!
  • Safety First: Safety Rules Every Craftsman Needs to Know
  • The Top Hand Tools That Every Craftsman Should Have
  • Necessary Power Tools for Your Workbench
  • Setting Up Your Workshop
  • Picking the Right Lumber for the Job
  • Measure Twice and Cut Once
  • Basic Woodworking Skills
  • Making It Look Professional
  • Repairing, Refinishing, Following & Designing Your Own Projects
  • Taking Care of Your Tools
  • Woodworking Tips & Tricks
  • Much, much more!

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Woodworkers’ Essential Facts, Formulas & Short-Cuts: Rules of Thumb Help Figure It Out, With or Without Math

Provides more jargon-free answers to the most baffling woodworking equations and questions. Enjoy woodworking without the head-scratching questions and mathematical setbacks.! This best-seller provides practical solutions to countless workshop issues. With a straight-forward approach and hundreds of clear illustrations, useful tables, and a myriad of facts, formulas and shortcuts, this handy reference is a must-have for any woodworker.

Helko Black Forest Woodworker Axe


The Black Forest Woodworker was originally designed for the renowned Black Forest of Germany. It is the quintessential tool for the experienced woodsman. This axe’s compact size bestows substantial versatility, allowing it to be used as both a lightweight work axe and a dependable packing tool. The widened blade allows this axe to perform exceptionally well as a cutting tool, while still being able to handle moderate splitting work. Each piece is handcrafted by Helko’s Master Smiths with over 170 years of expertise. Once the smith is satisfied with his work, the Helko crown logo is hammered into the head. No supplementary work, such as grinding, buffing, or painting is performed, thereby allowing each blade to proudly display its forging marks. As no two pieces are exactly alike, each axe is truly unique.


+ Handmade in Germany by Helko’s master smiths

+ German C45 high grade carbon steel

+ Handle is crafted in Switzerland from sustainably sourced and FSC certified American hickory

+ Handle is individually selected for grain orientation and density

+ Handle is coated with boiled linseed oil

+ Helko crown logo is hammered into the axe head

+ Hung by wooden wedge with additional steel ring wedge

+ Open die drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened

+ Includes premium, vegetable-tanned, treated leather sheath, handmade in USA

+ Includes 1oz bottle of Axe-Guard protective oil


Length: 24 inches

Head Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Handle: Grade A American Hickory

DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide

Featuring 30 designs by leading designer-makers from around the world DIY Furniture shows you how to use simple techniques to make stunning designer furniture from scratch. All the projects can be easily assembled using the step-by-step guides from common materials which can be found at the local hardware store. Along with designs for seating and storage, the book also features projects for making your own bed, wardrobe, lighting and garden furniture. Each project features hand-drawn diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece. Whether building from scratch or customising existing designs, DIY Furniture allows you to create unique designer pieces at a fraction of the normal cost. Brief biographies of all the featured designers are included at the end of the book.

DIY Furniture 2: A step-by-step guide

Featuring 30 new designs by leading designer-makers from around the world, DIY Furniture 2 builds on the international success of the previous title, showing you step-by-step how to make unique designer furniture.
Including both conceptual objects and modern designs, the book showcases innovative processes using readily available materials commonly found at the local hardware store. Each project features diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece.
The projects range from novice to experienced, allowing the reader to start where they are comfortable and work towards more difficult projects as they gain knowledge, familiarity with tools, and confidence.
The designs in this book will have you thinking about common materials in a whole new way!

100% Pallet: From Freight to Furniture: 21 DIY Designer Projects

Turn old wooden pallets into chic furniture with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to making bookshelves, chairs, lamps, and more—with 21 designer projects

Artists have long been inspired by the often—literally—priceless treasure of discarded packing materials, and the field of interior design is no exception. Here, the humble wooden pallet is recycled and transformed to create chic and original pieces of furniture, devised by some of Europe’s most innovative designers—and, thanks to clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs, now you can build them for yourself. Whether bed, bookshelf, lamp, or coffee table, each beautifully photographed project is accompanied by detailed plans and technical advice, making the pieces both simple and achievable. All you need is a little time and a few basic tools to create stylish, eco-friendly designer furniture for your own home.

Wood Pallet Projects: Cool and Easy-to-Make Projects for the Home and Garden

Wood Pallet Projects shows how anyone can upcycle salvaged pallet wood to create truly one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories. Maverick craftsman Chris Gleason combines sound woodworking techniques with a hip designer’s sensibility to unleash the limitless possibilities of the common skid. Inside you’ll find inspired projects for rescuing and repurposing pallets. Some of his pieces celebrate the rough, edgy character of the material, while others are crafted as fine furniture. He shows how to construct both indoor and outdoor furniture in a variety of styles, along with other useful items such as a birdhouse, a toolbox, and even a ukulele. .

HTC TS-9072 Tool Saver 56-by-72-Inch Large Machine Cover

Condensation and the rust it brings on are all too often the results of ordinary machine covers. This HTC cover is of a strong, durable cotton sheeting that is skip-coated with a special plastisol. The resulting cover is water resistant, but breathes so condensation doesnt collect. The covers have the hems rolled around the entire perimeter, with a rubberized magnet sewn into each corner. These durable silver-colored protectors are useful around the garage, shop and house, but are sized for woodworking machinery.