Sunwin Aluminum Metal Mini Milling Machine DIY Woodworking Tools Student Modelmaking

Product Features

  • 1 tool is a milling cutter, milling machine, milling cutter and the side of the front blade,has certain risk, so be sure to use under the guidance of professional personage.
  • 2, machine main parts: such as the spindle, the tailstock, pedestal, slider, motor blades,connection piece, gear adopts full metal structure.
  • 3, the color of the machine tool is composed of red and black classical collocation.
  • Moter speed: 12000rpm/min
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Product Description

Technical indicators:

Moter speed: 12000rpm/min

Moter speed: 12000rpm/min

the slider trip: 30 ~ 135 mm;

Chuck: 1-6 mm;

vice clamping size: 0 x 50mm;

the handwheel with accuracy of 0.02 mm scale line, increase the machining precision of the workpiece

Applicable processing: wood, soft metal (copper, aluminum, etc.), organic glass, plastic, etc.

What is in box ?

1 X Aluminum Metal Milling Machine

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