Woodworking for Beginners Box Set (4 in 1): Wood Pallet Projects with Step-by-Step Instructions to Have Fun and Decorate Your Home (DIY Projects & Woodworking)

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    Woodworking for Beginners Box Set (4 in 1)

    Book One: Wood Pallet for Beginners: Simple, Fun and Cool DIY Projects for Interior and Outdoor Design

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • Lampstands

    • TV stands

    • End tables

    • Bar stools for inside your house

    • On the outside of your home, there are instructions on how to create a walkway, a deck, a potting table and an outdoor chair.

    Book Two: Woodworking for Beginners: 10 Basic and Easy-to-Make Woodworking Projects

    Woodworking is both a skill and creative outlet. When you can take a piece of wood and make it into something that will give you pride and satisfaction every time you look at it and use it. Working with wood is a skill that needs to be practiced and practiced often. Not many people can get up in the morning and build a house or even a deck.

    Well, when it comes to working with wood you don’t have to be a carpenter. You do need to be creative eye and a willingness to see the hidden beauty in wood. In this book, we will explore ten projects and project area. We will explore the tools and attitude that you need in order to create creations out of wood. This book doesn’t focus on high-end projects it is more focused on inspiration and allowing you to explore the possibilities.

    Book Three: Woodworking: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Making Fun and Creative Projects at Home

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • What are the tools you will use

    • All about how to use finishes and paints

    • How to make a worktable that is sturdy and a great place for your other projects

    • How to make work benches

    • How to Birdhouses and Feeders that will make that snotty kid run crying for his mother

    • How to make tables

    • How to make stackable shelving

    • How to make a magazine holder

    • How to make chopping blocks and serving trays that have an inlay

    • How to make a message center for the kitchen that has an area for chalk messages, magnets and finally corkboard for pinning up messages

    • How to make a neat stand for your tablet and smartphone

    • How to make a garden planter and a cart

    • How to make a Hockey game and a Foosball game

    • How to customize any project as well as design your own from scratch.

    Book Four: Woodworking Projects: 20 Easy Woodworking Projects to Make with Your Family

    Inside You Will Learn:

    • Some of the basic woodworking tools

    • Five home décor woodworking projects

    • Five furniture woodworking projects

    • Five practical woodworking projects

    • And Much More

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